07 November 2009

Automatic, hidden BCC in Outlook

Of course, Outlook doesn't include an easy way to achive this.

Note that this is a hidden BCC. The user will see a blank BCC field in the compose window. If the user needs the option to remove the automatic BCC, you can futz around with custom forms - but good luck with that.
  1. Tools > Macro > Visual Basic Editor
  2. Expand project to find "ThisOutlookSession".
  3. Choose "Application" in the first drop-down, "ItemSend" in the second.
  4. Between the Private Sub and End Sub lines, paste the following code, then save.
 Dim objRecip As Recipient
Dim strBcc As String
On Error Resume Next

strBcc = "user@example.com"

Set objRecip = Item.Recipients.Add(strBcc)
objRecip.Type = olBCC
Set objRecip = Nothing
Credit to mkizer.

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