07 November 2009

Configure sync with time server in Windows Server

The Windows registry is like a second home to me. But one that's uncomfortable and where I don't want to be. Actually it's probably more akin to prison.

Which brings me nicely to today's lesson - making Windows Server's clock have a semblance of accuracy. All done through the registry of course! Not that I expected them to make this shit easy.

  1. Make "AnnounceFlags" = "5":
  2. Edit the "Type" key to have the value "NTP":
  3. Make "NtpServer" = "time.microsoft.com,0x1" or whatever time server you want:
    Separate multiple servers with a space e.g. "time.windows.com,0x1 time-a.nist.gov,0x1"
  4. Make "Enabled" = "1":
  5. Make "SpecialPollInterval" = "900" decimal. Yes, the special poll interval.
  6. Restart the time service from the command prompt:
    net stop w32time && net start w32time

Boo to Microsoft. The bad kind of boo, too.

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