21 November 2009

Migrate GFI MailEssentials to a different machine

From 32-bit to 64-bit machine (Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007):
  1. On the 32-bit machine ensure that you are running the latest build of MailEssentials 12 or 14. You can verify this from the MailEssentials configuration: General > Version Information > Check for latest version.
  2. Use the "GFI MailEssentials Import/Export tool" to export the MailEssentials configuration from the 32-bit machine. The Import/Export Tool can be launched from meconfigmgr.exe located in the MailEssentials directory.
  3. Install MailEssentials on the 64-bit machine.
  4. Use the "GFI MailEssentials Import/Export tool" to import the MailEssentials configuration exported in step 2.
  5. Run through the MailEssentials post installation wizard using e2k7wiz.exe located in the MailEssentials directory.
For other machine configurations:
  1. Make the two machines as similar as possible - same version of MailEssentials installed, same install location.
  2. Configure IIS SMTP on the new server in exactly the same way as it is on the old server.
  3. Stop the IIS Admin service and MailEssentials services on the old machine.
  4. Copy the MailEssentials folder from the old server to the same location on the new server.
  5. Install MailEssentials on the new server, selecting to install in the directory you copied the files to in step 4 above. Ensure that you select the same user mode that was used in the previous installation.
Sources: GFI KBID003262 and KBID002122.

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